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Leveraging efficiencies and savings.
We can offer both discounts on Sage products as well as building systems that intergrate seemlessly with Sage saving you time and money.
Sage 50 Business Partner
iFRC Ltd Empowering insight | Simple and Intuitive

Sage 50c Launched!

Call 07921 941178 or email us to learn more.

The business environment has evolved over time and technology has changed organisations in an astonishing way. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets coupled with the power of the Internet have revolutionised the way we work. Business processes have adapted meaning that companies are now more efficient than ever. You can easily connect to your business network while working remotely, thus shortening response times. Furthermore storing important information on a cloud computing system instead of PC’s, makes your business data easily accessible to you from anywhere at any time.

The new Sage 50c gives you:

  • The freedom to work as and when you desire by utilising secure cloud and mobile access. This means that your critical business data including contacts, documents, key tasks, performance and records are always at your fingertips from any location.

  • Complete business control with the ability to make better, faster and more informed decisions through the intuitive dashboards and powerful reporting tools. You also benefit from in-depth features such as financials, cashflow management, invoice/order processing, VAT and inventory.

  • The capacity to maximise productivity by allowing your team to focus on the most important tasks through seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365. In addition to this the new solution makes running your business effortless with features such as Direct Bank Feeds, Sage Capture, Cloud Document Storage, Payroll Payments Integration and Invoicing.

Sage Contact

Work from one central location, without the need to leave Outlook. You can manage your stock, change records, save files and enter transactions anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Sage Capture

It’s as easy as taking a photo of your receipt after a purchase and entering the details. The transaction will automatically be posted to Sage 50 Accounts and copies can easily be accessed via One Drive

Business Performance Dashboards

Gain an insight into your business trends using the powerful drill down tools. You can report from your Sage data straight to Excel Online or Desktop, modify the reports and thereafter save and run them in your chosen format anytime.

Direct Bank Feeds

Direct Bank Feeds comprehends the way in which you handle transactions and allows you to build rules, which means that you won’t ever have to type a payment again.

For more information call 07921 941178 or email or click on a business card below.

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