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Designed and built by accountants for accountants.
A single unified end-to-end solution for businesses of any size, in any sector that allows you to work with the familiarity of Microsoft products. 
Empowering insight at every stage of the process.
iFRC Administration
Safe and secure iFRC is built so that you are in control, there's no coding knowledge required and implementations are simple.
So simple an accountant can build and maintain iFRC!

Fully integrated reporting allows the seamless delivery, in any format, of management information to stakeholders. iFRC is empowering insight by putting you in control whilst working with familiar Microsoft products.

Automated data imports, consolidations and validations facilitate faster and more accurate reporting.

AuditAnalytics allows you to monitor performance and strive for improvement.

Designed and built by accountants for accountants.  ​Our innovative approach ensures you'll get the maximum value from iFRC, whether from its deployment and use or the price you pay.

"A system designed with the user in mind, we are able to administer the system without the need of IT support"




Truly an application with the complexity eliminated.
Simple, safe and secure iFRC allows finance to take control of the application, eliminating the need for inhouse or external administration.
iFRC Administration
iFRC YouTube Add a nominal Account

Safe and secure iFRC is built so that you are in control, there's no coding knowledge required and implementations are simple.  So simple an accountant can build and maintain iFRC!


Empowering finance to maintain and administer the application with the familiar interface of the Microsoft Excel.


iFRC allows you to set security permissions to your requirements.  iFRC uses both your standard network security and individiual security permissions created within the data management system. For example, a user may be allowed to access all features for just one company, or all functions for a particular process, such as having access to all credit control information for all companies but nothing else or to specific parts of the system.

Based on the security permissions granted the iFRC Excel toolbar menus can be customised to limit the functionality and access of an individual user.  You can decide who can upload data, who can view information and reports and who has administative rights to make changes and create new reports or to even create new applications. Simple, safe and secure iFRC puts you in control of security.

We set ourselves and ambitious goal to make things as easy as possible to administer the iFRC application and we've been told we've succeeded.  With the appropriate security rights adding accounts and making changes to the iFRC data management system is easy, our simple and intuitive Excel toolbar takes you through the steps to add or amend information. 

We have adopted similar forms and processes for all administrative tasks, whether it's adding a nominal account (see video opposite) or adding users and their security.

We have many in-built validations and verifications, for example during

the import process validations run and identify any new accounts that have not been added to the system.  Assuming you have the appropriate security requirements you will be instantly redirected to update the new data fields to allow the file to be upload.  The new accounts can be automatically reflected in your reporting, meaning that you do not have to amend your reports; it's completed in real time for you!


You can upload transactional or summarised data or both in to iFRC.  iFRC is flexible and works with you and your systems so that the solution meets your requirements.  Embed automated routines in to your processes and eliminate manual intervention and processes.  A solution that improves data integrity and your confidence in the numbers reported, yet produced faster and with less resource.

iFRC is simple and intuitive to use, but if you have any 'How to' questions you can search our You Tube Channel by clicking here.

If you can't find what you are looking for, email us at and we will get back to you.  We always like to hear what clients are thinking so if you have an idea that would improve iFRC email us with the details to  You never know we may include it in future releases.

Eliminate costly administration, with iFRC you are in control without the need for any coding knowledge.
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