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Designed and built by accountants for accountants.
A single unified end-to-end solution for businesses of any size, in any sector that allows you to work with the familiarity of Microsoft products. 
Empowering insight at every stage of the process.
iFRC Reporting

Safe and secure iFRC is built so that you are in control, there's no coding knowledge required and implementations are simple.

So simple an accountant can build and maintain iFRC!

Automated data imports, consolidations and validations facilitate faster and more accurate reporting.

AuditAnalytics allows you to monitor performance and strive for improvement.

Fully integrated reporting allows the seamless delivery, in any format, of management information to stakeholders. iFRC is empowering insight by putting you in control whilst working with familiar Microsoft products.

Designed and built by accountants for accountants.  ​Our innovative approach ensures you'll get the maximum value from iFRC, whether from its deployment and use or the price you pay.

"It has transformed our reporting process; allowing us to fulfil our obligations to the board in a concise, presentable and professional manner".
-Simon Ellin, Chief Executive at The Recyclying Association




Transforming disparate data in to valuable business information.
Analyse, interpret and report all your information without the cost and complexity of traditional software.
iFRC The Complete Picture | Reporting

Fully integrated reporting allows the seamless delivery, in any format, of management information to stakeholders. iFRC is empowering insight by putting you in control whilst working with familiar Microsoft products.


The simplicity of analysing and reporting numbers truly makes iFRC a powerful tool. Use our standard analysis reports, such as account trend reports or comparison of latest forecast versus the prior forecast, budget or last year or use bespoke validation reports specific to your business.


In built validation checks ensure that you don't have to worry about the underlying numbers saving you the time to analyse and interpret information.  Validations checks and balances include a combination of both standard and company specific validations allowing you to slice and dice information however you want.


Our AuditAnalytics reports allow you to monitor, review and challenge your month end processes.  Simple and intuitive to use this analysis provides real insight in to the bottlenecks and month end issues.  Whether it is a single site's data that needs to be uploaded again and again or that certain information is not readily available to meet your timetable, AuditAnalytics will help pinpoint problems allowing you to address any underlying issues.

Integrate and automate your reporting requirements with iFRC. 


Never fall at the final hurdle and let reporting let down. Often reporting is completed in a rush, after you have spent your time checking underlying data, and is often completed in a separate or an additional 'paid for' module.  With iFRC one of our key requirements was to truly integrate reporting in to the management system, ensuring that no matter who your audience is you can provide outstanding business reports to meet their requirements.


From departmental cost centre reports, to internal management reports and board packs to external reports, for auditors or bankers, or dashboard visualisations iFRC is the ideal solution for your reporting requirements. 

Our straightforward pricing model puts you in the driving seat when it comes to all your reporting requirements, providing real value to our customers, no matter the size or business sector.

The final piece of the jigsaw is the production of automated reports ensuring
that you have the complete picture.
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