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Designed and built by accountants for accountants.
A single unified end-to-end solution for businesses of any size, in any sector that allows you to work within the familiar interface of the Microsoft suite of products. 
Empowering insight at every stage of the process.
iFRC Consolidation

Safe and secure iFRC is built so that you are in control, there's no coding knowledge required and implementations are simple.

So simple an accountant can build and maintain iFRC!

Fully integrated reporting allows the seamless delivery, in any format, of management information to stakeholders. iFRC is empowering insight by putting you in control whilst working with familiar Microsoft products.

Automated data imports, consolidations and validations facilitate faster and more accurate reporting.

AuditAnalytics allows you to monitor performance and strive for improvement.

Designed and built by accountants for accountants.  ​Our innovative approach ensures you'll get the maximum value from iFRC, whether from its deployment and use or the price you pay.

"The iFRC Excel toolbar is so simple to use.  I was up and running in a matter of minutes" - Jon, Owner of F1 Plumbing




Automate and enhance your consolidation.
Perfect for all types of consolidation:
      Groups with mutiple entities and currencies
      Entities with multiple locations and/or GLs
      Operational data
iFRC Consolidation | Uncomplicated

A consolidation that just works! Designed and built by accountants for accountants. A single unified end-to-end solution for businesses of any size, in any sector that allows you to work within the familiar interface of the Microsoft suite of products. Empowering insight at every stage of the process.


Automate and import any data from virtually any system from anywhere in the world.  Unify all your reporting data, general ledgers, HR data, operational metrics and spreadsheets in to a central and secure location.


You can upload transactional or summarised data or both in to iFRC.  iFRC is flexible and works with you and your systems so that the solution meets your requirements.  Embed automated routines in to your processes and eliminate manual intervention and processes.


A solution that improves data integrity and the confidence in the numbers that you report, yet produced faster and with less resource.

Consolidation so simple it takes the pain out of reporting.  Set rules to automatically post consolidation adjustments such as share capital elimination and goodwill calculations or if you prefer use the journal entry facility.


Use the iFRC intercompany module, included within the application at no extra cost, to issue intercompany declarations and then import counterparty balances to reconcile and eliminate intercompany transactions and balances, including sales eliminations and trading balances to mangement charges and stock profits.


Analyse results in any currency, whether it's local currency, sterling or a functional currency it doesn't matter.  Save time and set

up routines to automatically import exchange rates, foreign exchange movements on consolidation are calculated and posted automatically and are backed up with a fully reconciled foreign

exchange movement on consolidation audit report.


We would all like to 'get things right first time' and automate everything, but we know there may be times when you need to make late changes so you can post journals to iFRC as long as you have the appropriate security rights.  Journals can be reviewed in total, by individual or compared to previous months to the ensure completeness and accuracy of results.


iFRC is both simple and intuitive to use and follow, whether you consolidate a group of companies, EPOS data from retail outlets or just bring together all your company information from disparate systems, such as GL, HR and other operational systems, iFRC is the only solution you will need from input through to producing stunning reports.  A consolidation and reporting system designed and built with accountants in mind.

Consolidate what you want and how you want.  Eliminate manual
processes and empower insight
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