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Experts in Excel from simple fomulae to complex applications.

We work with your current systems to deliver productivity and cost savings when working with Excel.

Excel with Microsoft Excel

iFRC and Excel

Working with Excel can have many advantages, with its flexibility and familiarity making it simple and intuitive to use.

We provide Excel support, from basic everyday questions through to fully integrated applications that link and talk with your existing systems.

Excel is an integral part of most business operations, whether in the accounts department or other parts of the business.  When utilised to its full potential Excel is a powerful business tool.

At iFRC we provide sophisticated, yet beautifully simple and intuitive solutions by taking the best things from your underlying processes and systems and marrying these with Excel.

Data is automated, reducing manual processing time and improving integrity as manual input errors are reduced.  The time savings from automating data can be extraordinary, recently we implemented an invoicing system that has saved the client two weeks a month from a process that used to take three weeks.

Whether its a standalone Excel solution or a combination of Excel and a database we use industry standard technologies, such as SQL, MySQL and other databases, Adobe and Microsoft products, all of which are familiar to most people, iFRC gives you maximum functionality and cost effectiveness when compared to similar products and companies.

Our straightforward pricing puts you in the driving seat – letting you have access to a complete end-to-end solution, from data input to reporting, for the whole of your company.

Are you using Excel to its full potential?

Our new Everyday Excel blog provides you with the tips and tricks that we have gained over the many years of using Excel and answers questions we receive from clients and readers.  Additionally, if you use Excel extensively within your business and time is wasted rekeying data or reformatting management reports why not see what we can do for you?

When creating more comlex solutions it is imperative that the Excel solution is treated as a project in its own right, all too often poor design, testing and/or functionality results in a suboptimal solution. 


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