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A team built around the needs of accountants.

Making the most of IT and creating solutions with you, our CUSTOMER, in mind.
Why iFRC


iFRC specialises in the design, implementation and support of its own financial reporting and consolidation application, designed for any size of business in any sector.


Our management team have many years of experience working in a wide variety of businesses from owner managed businesses through to FTSE100 conglomerates and are extremely experienced in the Enterprise Performance Management sector.  We take all our experiences and offer you a tailored solution to meet your busniess needs.


Simple Architechture

Quickly deployed, a truly end-to-end solution with everything you need to prepare, analyse and transform data in to information, eliminating the need to use multiple tools, systems and resources.

See the Benefits Early

The simple and intuitive design of iFRC and the use of industry standard technologies mean that there is a very quick learning curve when it comes to using iFRC - you could see results in hours and not the usual weeks.


Minimising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The use of industy standard technologies, short implementations and no licence fees means that iFRC offers an outstanding TCO and beleivable ROI calculations.


Working With You

The most improtant thing that we do is work with you and your systems and processes.  We take the time to understand what you want and the flexibility that iFRC offers allows it can sit over almost any system, meaning that you don't have to spend money buying new systems or learning how to operate new systems.  Simple and intuitive iFRC  is a complete tool that works for you and with you.


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