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A flexible approach to suit your needs now and the future.

From Bookkeeping to Management Reporting to Strategic Support.
Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced Accountancy Solutions


iFRC provides you with a service which can both reduce costs and improve the quality and integrity of management information.

Reducing Costs

By outsourcing activities you will save costs on rent, energy bills, salaries and associated costs including autoenrolement pensions, IT hardware and software.  Also, and just as important is the time you will save managing and training staff in the office.


Business Focussed

By outsourcing it leaves you to focus on your business. Whether this is strategy or gaining new clients you can focus your time on the important things such as your new and potential clients. Additionally, enhanced financial information can help you make more informed business decisions, which could result in a better cash flow and ultimately improved profitability.

Technology & Best Practice

People generally do not start a business to become an accountant, but take on the role to initially keep costs to a minimum.  Eventually the business grows to a point where a department is required.  By using an outsource provider you are able to have access to the best technology and best practice in the business which as an SME you may not have access to otherwise. This ensures that you get a big company service despite the smaller size of your business.

Flexibile and Scalable

By outsourcing you need not worry about growth and the additional work load it brings.  We're here to help and will work with you to manage workloads and flows, ensuring that you always have up to date information, all without the hassle of you having to employ more staff.

Give us a call, on 07921 941178, to discuss your requirements and how iFRC can help you reduce costs and improve the quality of your management information.


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