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AutoCorrect Tricks

Do you have a problem that sometimes your fingers can't type at the same speed as you would like? Well I do, whether its simple words like 'eb' instead of be, 'ahve' instead of have or longer words such as 'consoildation' instead of consolidation it is all to common an occurrence.

Using Excel's AutoCorrect can help you eliminate those annoying spelling mistakes by allowing you to enter your most common misspelt words and their correct spelling.

To set up your list of AutoCorrect words Select Options from the File menu.

Then select Proofing and AutoCorrect Options

Finally enter the word you want to Replace and its correct spelling. Then click Add and OK.

Additionally you can shorten words so that you do not have to write the whole word which can sometimes be helpful, so in this case consolidation has been shortened to cons.

This is also useful when you have names that are used over and over again, I use my initials SB instead of having to write Stephen Bailey every time. It is also useful when using company names so that each occurrence is consistent, i.e. ifrc would be consistently written as iFRC Ltd.

The options that are added to Excel will also be automatically available in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

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